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Here’s what some of my recent students and their parents have to say.
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J.C. Reeves, Founder/Tutor
JC is a great tutor, easy to understand and very patient with students.
We’ve used JC Reeves’ tutoring for both SAT prep and 1-on-1 math tutoring and have been very pleased. My daughter says JC explains the math topic really well and makes it easier to understand. We were please with her SAT score improvement. Classes were offered over the weekend, which was convenient with our schedule. My youngest will be taking the PSAT/SAT next school year and we will definitely sign her up for the prep course this summer.
My daughter attended private tutoring with James via zoom and raised her PSAT score by 190 points as compared to her 10th grade attempt one year prior. James has the student take practice tests before their session and then goes over the items that they get wrong, as opposed to other group style prep classes that go over every subject without customizing to the individual. James is very professional and knowledgeable about the types of questions on the test. He communicated well through email and it was easy to schedule sessions as all were via zoom. I highly recommend James to help prepare your student!
He is very helpful and does a great job. He helped me get a 1590 on the SAT
Jc is a great teacher he is patient and explains the material so the students can understand what they questions are asking. After his intensive SAT prep course our son improved his score by 220 points. I would recommend him over and over again. Thank you JC.
Greatly improved my test taking skills and scores. I would 100% recommend to others.
My daughters sat score increased 200 points. Great program at a fair price!
My son went to see James in order to get some SAT help, even though he was an A student he wasn’t getting the score he needed on the SAT. James worked with him and improved his score by over 200 points. My son loved learning from James, he found James engaging and challenging. I would definitely recommend Reeves Tutoring!
JC is a great teacher and cares about his students. He helped my son improve his SAT score to a score high enough to get into Texas A&M!
Mr. Reeves is a brilliant tutor. He is patient and encouraging. He also makes difficult topics and processes easy to understand. He has motivated and supported our daughter’s work with college prep math. We highly recommend Mr. Reeves!
Very happy with JC’s private lesson tutoring. Our teenager improved his scores and was far more confident when taking SAT & ACT. Additionally, JC is also very flexible in working with your schedule. We highly recommend JC’s tutoring services!
My son took JC’s SAT Intensive Program last year. His SAT score increased by 120 points. The classes were really well organized and helpful. I really was impressed by the detailed emails I got every week from JC stating my son’s progress and what areas he had to work on to improve his scores. I have a younger son and most definitely will enroll him in JC’s program in a couple of years.
JC was fantastic to work with. The results for my son after about eight private sessions were amazing. He jumped seven points on the ACT after private tutoring!
My daughter improved her SAT score by 160 points after 3 months of weekly tutoring. JC teaches in a way my daughter says she understands. I liked that there was just the right amount of work for her to complete between sessions. I definitely recommend Reeves Tutoring!
JC has tutored my son since his sophomore year through to his completion at Lone Star this year. Math is not my son’s strong subject at all but thanks to JC, he got through his classes with good grades. JC has always been professional, prepared, patient and so helpful to my son to understand the material. JC was also great at accommodating us for extra tutoring classes before exams or schedule changes. We highly recommend JC!
JC has helped my son become more confident in math. His teaching speaks for itself. My son doesn’t enjoy school, but he never complains about working with JC.
JC Reeves was recommended by my niece in Houston and we are very grateful. We are in Florida and after hurricane Dorian my god daughter had to start an on line school that was not good.

Mr. Reeves has saved the day by helping her through her college prep math class. They meet on Skype and She has gotten back up to an A and understands the work …

Thank you so much!!
Mr. Reeves did an amazing job teaching my son how to strategically solve SAT problems. My son attended the May 2019 4 week SAT course and he raised his Math score from a 570 (Dec 1 SAT) to a 730 (June 1 SAT). This instructor not only captured my son’s full attention but he is also organized and an excellent communicator. I highly recommend James Reeves!
My husband and I met J.C. at the Woodlands Homeschool Convention. After coming to our home to meet our son Jackson, J.C. began tutoring our son each week. Friendly and kind, J.C. always works with our schedule and even drives to Lone Star Montgomery to tutor Jackson between classes. Jackson enjoys learning from J.C., and he especially appreciates J.C.’s organization and attention to details. When Jackson needed help with Calculus, J.C. stepped in to further explain and clarify concepts learned in class. Before tutoring as a sophomore, Jackson achieved 1370 on the SAT. Within a few months, J.C. assisted Jackson in raising his score to 1430 for the PSAT. After more than 6 months of weekly tutoring, Jackson, now a junior, scored a 36 on his ACT! We are awaiting the scores from the SAT, but we are certain they will far exceed Jackson’s scores from a little over a year ago. My husband and I would highly recommend J.C. His strong work ethic, amiable personality, and excellent tutoring skills make J.C. a great resource for any parent.
SAT Intensive – Thank you!
Thank you for your excellent teaching, techniques, and dedication. [Our son] never complained and said you were a good instructor. It was intensive but I love the Sunday sessions because it allowed [our son] to continue with football and other activities.

I had to push him sometimes, but the class was definitely manageable for a kid that is seriously trying to improve. I like the homework packets because it makes them more accountable.

We will definitely refer you to anyone looking for tutoring or SAT assistance. If you ever need a reference it’s no problem, just let me know.
– Davette Daggett
We Highly Recommend J.C.!

If you are looking for a high school math tutor we highly recommend J.C. We have worked with him for over four years. He is awesome and has helped both of my children through their SATs (Nicole improved her math score by over 100 points with J.C.’s help and John got a math score of 710!) He worked with them both through AP Calc and even prepared John for the Texas A&M engineering math test. Just when we thought we were done Nicole asked to work with J.C. this summer as she prepares for the GRE!
– Lou DePadova
J.C. worked with my son during his Junior and Senior year. He is very open and professional, knows his material very well and has an excellent teaching approach with his students. My son could relate to him and was very comfortable with instruction. More importantly his grades increased over the course of his tutoring period. I cannot recommend J.C. highly enough.
- Sharon MacRae
J.C. gets 5 stars from the Mize family! My daughter improved her SAT score considerably with his help and tutoring sessions. We highly recommend him!
– Christy Mize
I give J.C. five stars for being the best math tutor in the Spring/Woodlands area! With out his help I would not have been able to pass the math portion of the TSI test. Before tutoring with J.C. I attempted to pass four times. After working with J.C. I passed immediately!
- Christina Paulie
Definitely recommend J.C. Reeves for tutoring. He is very committed and a professional.
- Kam Kotecha
Amazing results in a few sessions. Math SAT score went up 70 points! Thank you J.C.
- Chris Swenson
J.C. worked with my daughter in high school for about 2 years and she was helped tremendously by his methods of teaching her. Math is a very confusing subject and I have even had to contact him again for some Math classes I am currently taking in College. Highly recommend!
- Michelle DiSalvo
Exceptional Tutor!!!

J.C. has been an excellent Tutor for my son who is a Sophomore in High School. He definitely has an in depth understanding of the Math work my son is undertaking and helped him work ahead to achieve success. My son related very well to him and found J.C. easy to communicate with. We had a previous Tutor who advised he could no longer meet the level of teaching needed for my son’s PreAP Math classes, that is when I contacted J.C. who had no problem at all understanding and teaching the material. A plus is that he always communicates well on tutoring sessions, times and updates the online tutoring notes promptly. We would definitely highly recommend J.C. and will continue to use his services for the foreseeable future.
- Sharon
Comprehensive Lesson

Alyssa continues to comprehend more details as JC continues to connect the missing synapse between knowledge that she knows and solving problems successfully with techniques that should have been taught. Putting into practice these techniques has given her confidence in her abilities to be prepared for the SAT.
- Paul
Great tutor!

J.C. is a great, patient tutor who finds exactly what my kids struggle with and works with them until they get it. He has great tips for how to get through both the SAT and ACT which has resulted in better results!
- Amy
SAT Review – 1st Day

J.C. Reeves is very accessible and taught specific techniques on how to do well in the SAT exam. He communicates with each student to ensure they have grasped the subject matter.
- Raquel
The session was wonderful. J.C. was very good at explaining the problems and helping my son understand. We did an on line session and it worked well. We are planning to continue with on lines sessions at this time
- Peggie
Great tutor
J.C. is very nice and very smart. His tips on approaching the SAT are invaluable. I know I selected the right tutor and that my scores will increase. I am feeling more confident already.
Best Teacher
Excellent teacher , my son is doing great with his help . he is helping my son in math and science and my son looks forward to his classes. I appreciate all his help .
Thoughtful and Understanding Tutor!
Y’all! J.C. is a great tutor! I highly recommend him in any form of math tutoring. In my experience (5 lessons for SAT prep), J.C. has been nothing but patient and very concise in explaining concept and processes. Reasons why YOU should allow him to be your tutor: -For SAT Prep, he takes the SAT every year to make sure he can give his students the best possible advice for test questions -Any problems worked out will be on a sheet of loose leaf to go over after the tutoring session -He’s punctual. -He will explain thing in many different way, but will always explain the BEST way. -Even 1hr is filled with so much material covered, done, and understood – If you struggle with one particular concept, repetition of that problem in different forms is KEY! J.C. does that. Basically, he’s a paragon of a tutor because he cares about your student and wants them to understand. Thanks, J.C!
Knowledgeable and patient
J.C. has been working with my son on preparing for the ACT test. My son was very anxious and is not feeling more relaxed about taking the test. J.C. breaks things down so that they are understandable. Excellent teacher! Glad we found him.
Best Tutor!
J.C is great. I love working with him. My son has ADHD and J.C. has a way of teaching in a style that just works. I recommended him to a friend whose child has ADHD and the results are improved scores, and a happier child.
- Cameron
Excellent Tutor!
J.C. is very confident and knowledgeable Tutor. He tutor my Son several times and prepared him for the SAT/ACT. He was always in time and well prepared to go over the materials with my Son. He is easy to work with, my Son really like him. Something that was very important to us. I would highly recommend him for anybody looking for great and efficient tutoring. I would not think twice about hiring him again and would probably do so in the future if needed.
- Mayra
Focus On The Important
J.C. was excellent. We reviewed the basics and came up with a plan of attack to be prepared for the upcoming semester.
- Charles
Improved Scores
My son used J.C.R. to prepare for the SAT and the ACT over the last several months. He did a great job and my son’s scores definitely improved. he felt like he was covering the material really well and that the time they spent together was really valuable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs tutoring in these areas.
- Julie
The Tutor you need for College ACT/SAT Prep
Hands down the “Best Bang for your Buck” J.C was my son’s third Tutor and was able to do what the other two couldn’t, and that was raise both his ACT and SAT scores to the point that he was NCAA Eligible and is now on a Football Scholarship to a Major D1AA school, with that being said my son was and still is a hard headed jock. J.C. is very easy to work with, he stay’s on top of all the new changes with respect to the New SAT Standards and ACT and actually does take the tests himself to keep abreast of the questions asked. J.C. does assign homework and works the problems over with his students to ensure they understand the concept along with applying the methods to find the correct answers when the student believes they may be stubbed. I wish I would have found him first, would have saved me a lot of extra money. All in All the man knows what he is doing and is good at it, if he can raise my sons scores he can raise anyone’s scores, what I paid him was a small amount in what he is saving me now. I.E. Room/Board, Books and Classes = 12,000.00 a year that I don’t have to spend, not counting the extra spending money I send him. And this is not a paid for review or advertisement, its the truth.
- Tom
Vast Improvement
J.C. has really helped my son make a vast improvement in his Geometry grades this past semester. He was struggling the first six weeks and with J.C.’s help his grades came up in the 2nd six weeks and were even better the 3rd six weeks!
- Kris
Very patient, great teacher
J.C was very patient and explained the problems and broke them down. He made sure I understood them and helped me with tricks to understand and retain the information. I missed a class and J.C. taught me the chapter and got me caught up.
- Victoria
Connects well with Jr. High Students
I continued to be impressed with how well J.C. connects with my 13 year old math student. He is able to adapt his instruction well to meet Joey’s needs and reinforces things taught in class. He is able to explain math concepts in a no-nonsense manner which seems to work well with my son. Highly recommend.
- Doug
Patient and helpful
My daughter was struggling toward end of grading period and JC was there the next day and was able to fit her in his schedule. He went over her entire review packet with her and they did problems together. He also gave her additional notes to help her. Great tutor!
- Michelle
Excellent Tutor
J.C. has an excellent tutoring style. He showed my daughter how to approach problems, analyze what the test is asking and become more efficient in taking the SAT! Thank you!
- Savannah
Good with my teen!
I let my 15 yr old choose his own tutor from the WyzAnt site to encourage motivation. He chose J.C. And he couldn’t have chosen better. He works well with my son and has improved his test scores.
- Cheryl
Knowledgeable tutor
The skill you that J.C teach me is really helpful. Thank you! I think that will help me improve my grade!
- Sally
Knowledgeable and friendly
He is prepping me for college calculus. He shared information and study aids and was very helpful. I appreciate his guidance.
- Brent
Knowledgeable and patient tutor
He taught me how to use my calculator as an effective test taking strategy. I like how mild mannered he is and how he breaks things so I can understand.
- Shannon
Extremely Knowledgeable and clear with his teaching
He allowed me to take accurate notes to understand my mistakes. He was able to provide clear and detailed training by utilizing great examples to relate to my math problems. This was very helpful and he is extremely patient to ensure your understanding!
- Jan
Knowledgeable and patient tutor
J.C. was always very prompt, professional and I felt my son responded well to his tutoring methods. My son’s grades improved and stabilized as a result. I would definitely recommend him.
- Donna
Best Tutor
J.C. tutored my eighth grader in Algebra 1 most of this past school year. When he began he was making C or C- and was frustrated because his teacher was not able to communicate algebraic thinking to her students very well. Nate is an honor student. J.C. met with Nate one a week for one hour every week. Right way, Nate began to understand and his grades rose to B then A. He made an A on his yearly final two weeks ago. J.C.’s ability to break down concepts to enable students to learn is remarkable. He was always punctual and the one time he could not meet us he let us know in advance so we could reschedule. Nate enters 9th grade this fall. If he needs help, we will reconnect with J.C. Superior tutor!
- Julianne
Delivered Significant SAT Math Improvement
We began using J.C. after my daughter got her first SAT results. After just a few sessions with J.C., she took the test again again and had a 60 point improvement in her math score. She is considering majoring in engineering but is a bit concerned about calculus next year and has asked if we can keep using J.C. throughout next year. He helps build her confidence by patiently working through problems, and she is very comfortable asking him questions. In fact, we appreciate his help so much we have now added my son to his list of students. When you search for a tutor there are so many to choose from it is hard to know what you will get; we were very thankful to have found J.C. ! (he’s very prompt and responsive when setting up sessions too!)
- Tracy
Subject matter expert!
J.C. does a great job of explaining the various subjects and how to be successful in taking the SAT test. Glad I’m using him.
- Bennett
Flexible and accommodating tutor
J.C. is very flexible in accommodating last minute schedule changes! He really connects with my child and improves his outlook on algebra! Thanks, J.C.!
- Jeff
He’s knowledgeable, patient, punctual, and efficient. My high school student’s grades immediately improved in the courses he has helped teach them.
- Marcus
Great Tutor!
J.C. has been working with my son this summer and has been great! My son is 19 and just started college and needed some help with algebra. He has had other tutors in the past, but J.C. has been the best tutor he has worked with. We highly recommend J.C. and we plan on hiring him on a regular basis this semester.
- Nichole
Great Tutor
My son was taking college algebra this summer and was struggling badly. He had a hard time understanding the work and his professor and had a hard time keeping up with the fast pace. J.C. went slow and explained it step by step so that my son was able to understand. My son mentioned after the first visit that J.C. made it easier to understand, whereas his professor made it harder than it was. He said “he made a big difference in my understanding.” After hearing that, we had J.C. come 2 to 3 times a week. My son was ready to drop the class but with J.C.’s help, he ended up passing. J.C. is a wonderful tutor, easy to reach and always returns messages.
- Roseann
Great tutor! Highly recommend!
J.C. is a terrific tutor, very knowledgeable in math and helped my son a great deal. I would highly recommend him!!
- Shannon
Great Tutor
J.C. did a great job tutoring my son for the ACT. His math score improved by 3 points. I definitely recommend him.
- Jan
Great tutor! Would definitely recommend!
J.C. is always on time and very helpful, very patient and smart. He is amazing with math. Great tutor!
- Kelly
Great Tutor
J.C. helped my daughter get through the end of the school year after her previous tutor moved away. He replied quickly to emails and worked to fit us in on short notice. We will definitely be using him next year. Thanks J.C.
- Cami
Outstanding! Highly Recommend!
J.C. was extremely effective. We called him for help with advanced math and he came in and helped my son dramatically improve his average!!! He’s bright, articulate and capable of explaining things in terms my son could understand! I highly recommend him!
- John
Very Patient
J.C. offered a different approach which helped my daughter out tremendously to grasp a better concept of what she was struggling with in Algebra II. Boosted her confidence. Thanks, again.
- Lisa
J.C. worked with my child with great success
My son was doing very poorly in Algebra. J.C. has a lot of patience and communicates well whereas it is very easy to understand. My son went from grades of 50’s and 60’s to 90’s on his last test!
- Cindy
Very Patient
J.C. has been very patient and teaches my daughter in a way she can easily understand. He comes prepared with sample problems and examples. My daughter’s grade and confidence are both improving!
- Kelly
Just Beginning: So Far So Good!
My student seems to be pleased with his tutor J.C. He feels comfortable with the whole tutor thing and good about wanting to learn what he’s been lacking in Algebra. Thanks J.C. for making it work!
- Joyce
Reliable and patient
This young man has been very patient with my son. I know he would be failing without his help. Thanks J.C.
- Vonda
Excellent Tutor
J.C. is reliable, flexible, and an excellent tutor. My son’s pre-cal grade has definitely increased since working with J.C. Highly recommend.
- Renee
J.C. was personable and friendly and had no issues interacting with my sons. He confidentially explained, in easy to understand language, Algebra 2 problems which with they had struggled. J.C. is very knowledgeable in math and uses it daily in his full-time work as an engineer. If you need hands-on help with any area of math I would highly recommend this tutor. Thumbs up!
- Kimberly
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